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January 26th, 2016

90% Plan to Increase Mobile App Investments in 2016

In a survey published last week by market researcher Vanson Bourne on behalf of Red Hat, 90% of respondents said that investment in mobile apps will increase in 2016, with the average amount of investment rising by as much as 24%. The survey polled 200 IT decision makers from companies in the US and EU with over 2,500 employees about mobile apps.

Here are the key insights from the report:

  • 89% of respondents have implemented a mobile app development strategy
  • 90% expect investment in development to increase (by 24%, on average)
  • Most common purpose of enterprise apps is to automate business processes (38%) followed by business transformation (35%)
  • 74% of those using KPIs to measure success have seen a positive ROI
  • More than half of the utilities, pharmaceutical, and related industries use mobile to transform how they do business. Construction, mining, oil, and gas utilities are leading the way, stating that they make use of mobile features to reinvent their business processes.
  • Hybrid (web based) applications make up the majority of enterprise app development
  • Companies plan to shift heavyweight development (.NET and Java) to more lightweight (Node.js and other Javascript languages)

However, the report also finds that approaches to mobile app development need to mature:

  • 53% have either only partially implemented a mobile strategy or else do not regularly review their strategy
  • Only 37% are using a collaborative mobile center of excellence
  • Only one third (35%) of organizations fully support the use of KPIs to measure mobile app performance
  • Only 31% currently use a MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) platform to develop their mobile apps

The survey results are well aligned with our experience and findings as we see a rapidly growing demand in enterprise app development and related services. One of the biggest challenges we see for IT organizations in 2016 is the lack of internal UX/UI skills, resulting in companies making the same mistakes as they did for desktop applications with poor usability.

Read our Top Mobile Trends for 2016 for great tips on improving user experience and how to become a mobile leader in 2016.

You can find the full Red Hat report here.

Magnus Jern, President DMI International

Tags: enterprise mobility mobile apps Mobility Strategy

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