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Get the Facts on New Cars Posted Online in a Fraction of the Time

Detailed online slideshows are the industry standard for selling cars today. Getting these slideshows posted used to be a laborious process that required advanced training and extreme patience. Ocuity.ai from DMI dramatically reduces these headaches. Our system uses a mobile device and simple user interface to take a 360-degree video of a car’s interior and exterior. Our mobile algorithm is trained to grab the most important images automatically and to create slideshows linked to the vehicle’s VIN. These and many more features are tailored to the requirements of dealers of any size.

Gain Fast and Accurate Insights on the Condition of Used and Leased Vehicles

Used and leased vehicles need to get into inventory as soon as possible. That can be a daunting prospect because vehicles can have blemishes and defects that human inspectors often overlook. With Ocuity.ai, anybody on your staff can take a simple video of a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Our AI algorithm is trained to recognize flaws and damage — and highlight them quickly to reduce the threat of costly surprises. Our system also provides seamless connections to auction sites and DMI’s marketplace. This ensures that every auction site has all the pertinent facts on cars in your inventory, including detailed condition reports.

Reduce the Risks of Unexpected Costs in Returned Loaners

Loaner vehicles pose a raft of challenges including insurance, repairs and relations with consumers who use them. Ocuity.ai from DMI includes a module built specifically for these complex scenarios. All it takes to add a vehicle to loaner inventory is to scan the VIN, enter a stock number and assign a tag number. The system also captures the driver’s license, credit card and insurance data. When the vehicle returns to the dealer, a 360-degree video inspection captures evidence of damage and an automated report gives the consumer before-and-after pictures to help settle disputes. 

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