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May 17th, 2016

DMI – 14 Years and Going Strong

14 years ago today, I bootstrapped what’s now a $350 million business based on the principles of a new model for federal contracting. A model that leveraged commercial innovations to put government on the leading edge of technology evolution – not the trailing edge.

Two years later, DMI had grown to 14 employees and we were awarded our first sub-contract through BAE to support GSA in network engineering. The fact is that three of the first five people to join the company are still here with me. That means they’ve been with us for 12 of what’s today DMI’s 14 years in business. An absolutely amazing commitment.

During the first couple of years, our team drove a remarkable growth in the Federal market, based around a vision and commitment to excellence in service delivery. By 2010, our journey took a new direction as we focused in on the mobile devices and technologies that had started driving a worldwide transformation for business and government. From there, it exploded and we brought together the right mobility experts to help organizations deal with this challenge head on. You will see what I mean when you look at this graph, covering our growth rate over the past 14 years.

Timeline of DMI as a company, 2002-2016


Today, we are leading the charge in transforming the enterprise mobility industry. How? With a business model that transfers best practices between our experience with commercial clients and government customers, always staying at the frontline of mobile technology.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far and we are truly excited about the journey ahead. Here’s to another great 14 years!

Jay Sunny Bajaj,
DMI Founder and CEO

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