In these strange times of distancing protocols and working from home, there are opportunities for business leaders to emerge who demonstrate how to transcend the ordinary business model to embrace more innovative strategies.

Kringle Industries (KI) is a multinational organization focused on joy delivery in 195 countries with billions of customers around the globe. While KI operates 365 days a year, their peak season is – obviously – late December. Kris Kringle, also known as Santa Claus, is CEO of KI.

Social distancing guidelines have made it difficult to travel the world this year. Santa hasn’t been able to go indoors very much because his beard doesn’t fit in many masks. And without visiting Kringle Industries’ customers at shopping malls or other stores, Santa couldn’t predict what they wanted for Christmas.

That’s where Kris Kringle came to DMI to help him save Christmas!



Realizing that social distancing would impede Kringle Industries’ ability to fulfill the wishes of the world’s children, Santa knew that a digital app was the answer. DMI quickly executed an easy-to-use application, capturing and organizing the Christmas wishes of children around the world. The app also featured a virtual version of Santa that helped guide children through the happy journey of telling the jolly ‘ol elf their Christmas wish, and in some cases, wishes. DMI also built a robust website overlaying a customized e-commerce platform for parents to help their little ones whose hands were too little to hold a phone.


Santa and Kringle Industries weren’t used to having employees work remotely. Normally they all gather together in tight quarters at the North Pole. But COVID-19 made that impossible this year. DMI’s Mobile Managed Services gave Santa the ability to manage a large fleet of smartphones, tablets and laptops to track productivity. That helped him see if his elves were naughty or nice when they were working from home. (Don’t worry, DMI confirmed their productivity and their place on the nice list.)



The Workplace Shield helped Santa safely bring employees back to KI headquarters. It is a mobile application that helped everyone come back together in time to deliver packages to the good little boys and girls. The app follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance and provides real-time social distance monitoring, contact tracing and room sanitation checklists.

Santa was also able to use tracking software to ensure the hands-free delivery of each and every present as he and his elves monitored the progress from the safety of the workshop in the North Pole.


DMI worked hard to understand Santa and KI’s mission: Delivering joy to billions of children. Santa knew he needed to upgrade his technology this year to follow through on that mission, but he wasn’t sure he could do it on his own. DMI implemented a neural network utilizing edge computing, along with IoT and GPS georeferencing, linking the driverless sleigh’s on-board systems via Santa’s mobile phone and smartwatch. Santa and his elves’ user experience was optimized to simplify delivery. Advanced analytics capabilities allowed for a more efficient supply chain, ensuring the timely arrival of each and every present – handsfree, which was a huge part of helping him achieve his 2020 goals.



Santa recognized the importance of propelling his business forward by implementing next-gen technologies. Only through the tools of digital transformation could Kringle Industries invent new ways to do business. By shifting the emphasis toward discovering more innovative strategies for improving business outcomes, Kringle Industries is now perfectly positioned to pivot and meet any future needs of its customers.