What We Do


Build a Firm Foundation for Application Development

Enterprise application development extends beyond software design and coding. You need long-term flexibility and resilience, which means rationalizing app portfolios and tackling technical debt. Agile, DevOps and low-code / no-code methods generate fast, continuous gains. These are DMI’s starting points for enterprise app development. We dig deep into your business challenges and build a sophisticated understanding of what you’re up against. Then we build a roadmap centered on elevating the experience of your customers, users and colleagues.


Change for the Better: Executing on App Development

Once you have a strong foundation, you can start transforming application development. Everything has to fit like a hand in a glove: mapping your user journey, creating service blueprints and keeping the user experience fluid and intuitive. Assembling Agile teams and using DevOps methods are central to your success. Compiling user experience data smoothes out points of friction. DMI’s expansive track record in strategy, software development and user experience design demonstrates its value in the execution phase. 


Embark on a Journey to the Center of the User Experience

Successfully developing a modern enterprise app is one step on the road to creating user-centered experiences across the company. As machine learning and edge computing evolve, you’ll enjoy more opportunities to gather user data and place it in the context of the user’s real-time experience. Data on habits, preferences, locations and the time of day help you craft an experience that converges the physical and digital worlds. DMI will join you in placing users at the center of these experiences while keeping technology at the edges.