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Application Development for the Modern Enterprise
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DMI delivers human-centric composable enterprise software engineering and applications that can be built faster with modular architecture patterns, scale rapidly, have global availability, and respond to business needs faster – while reducing risk, time to market, and total cost of ownership. We help you to analyze your application portfolio, identify suitable pathways, and present an approach for modernization tailored to your business.





Known for our strength in architecting, developing, modernizing & integrating complex applications, we’ve helped numerous enterprises drive business differentiation via their enterprise solutions. From research to execution, our multifaceted teams focus on craftsmanship and leverage Agile methodologies to ensure products are built the right way with accelerated speed to value.

An Experienced Software Engineering and Application Development Partner

Enterprise application development is central to your digital transformation. Whether you need an app to help boost employee productivity or a solution for transforming a business process, how you build, present and iterate on your app is crucial to your business.

At DMI, we’ve developed over 3,000 mobile sites and enterprise applications, so we know a thing or two about crafting them. From designing with the user in mind to providing a modern, agile platform to build on, we meet our partners’ application development needs with speed and precision.

Modern Architecture for Modern Businesses

Modern businesses with a focus on digital transformation need a way of building and releasing enterprise applications rapidly while reducing risks and cost of ownership. Without the right strategies, these organizations end up burdened by technical debt and application sprawl, deeply impacting their investment. 

At DMI, we engineer software applications with an eye on the future. Utilizing modular architecture patterns, agile processes and a focus on DevOps, we take your application from inception to launch at breakneck speed. And once your application is live, future iterations and innovations come naturally and easily. With our processes, your applications work for you instead of against you.

  • Reduced time to market and rapid, global scaling
  • Modern microservices architecture ensures rapid application iteration
  • Low-code and no-code solutions for accelerating automation

We’ll also help you analyze your current application portfolio to determine where and how your new one fits. By carefully examining your current offerings and building a road map based on your business objectives, we’ll help you design, develop and launch a new application that champions your organization while solving real problems.

Designed for Your Users, Built for Your Business

At DMI, user experience is at the core of our DNA. Regardless of where your application fits in your enterprise, our efforts are centered on understanding and catering to the user experience. In doing this, we craft solutions that solve real problems while adhering to your business’s goals.

  • Consultation for defining and analyzing business strategy and process models
  • Unparalleled user research
  • Service blueprints and journey mapping
  • Ongoing strategies and roadmaps

By defining, analyzing and understanding your business’s objectives from the very start, we build a solution that pushes enterprise productivity and boosts the bottom line, both now and into the future.

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