DMI EndZone

rapid situational awareness, anytime, anywhere

Communities, groups, and individuals face risks that require situational awareness support with real-time monitoring and response. Today’s world of uncertainty demands a mobile, modular, interoperable monitoring and alerting platform to address emerging threats.



Aware, responsive, and safe

Manage emerging threats in high risk areas.


Manage risk on the ground

Aware, responsive, and safe, EndZone delivers an enterprise-class mobile precision situational awareness solution to manage emerging threats in high risk areas. EndZone is a scalable, cloud or on premise solution that provides the capability for networked communications (4G, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Coverage on Wheels (COW), and satellite) to align with location based technology while keeping individuals safe during a crisis.

Technology for a Unified Approach

  • Notifications with Dynamic Geofencing and multi-streaming video on mobile devices.
  • Users can send an SOS from their smartphone and be assisted through a secure integrated network of responders and administrators.
  • Leverages mobile technology to report status and location of targeted audiences, groups and individuals in the moment.
  • Improves the coordinator’s situational awareness and emergency management in real-time.

EndZone for Education

What if students, faculty and staff had the power to work together to keep their campus safe? Find out more about our deployment of Endzone for Education.


secure, mobile powered, and technically flexible.

Simple deployment and seamless integration.


Key Takeaways:

  • Lightweight, easily deployable, and mobile centric, EndZone can be operated securely from any mobile device.
  • EndZone utilizes the map as the main point of reference for monitoring that leverages Dynamic Geofencing, multi-streaming video, and integrated telephone.
  • EndZone efficiently integrates into complex IT architectures and Software & IoT extensions that can accommodate facial recognition, biometrics, wearables, drones, beacons, sensors, and other connected products.
  • EndZone leverages two-way, FIPS 140-2 encrypted communication and a secure & scalable cloud architecture with automatic failover.
  • Because threats can happen at anytime, EndZone offers 24X7 global service center support.


Strengthen your abilities with the power of endzone.

Address high-level threats in critical locations.


EndZone features 3 major components to provide essential admin tools and bi-directional communication& safety features for users in the field.

Admin Mobile Application

  • Map view detailing location of all users.
  • Secure voice and messaging.
    • One to one / One to many / Group chat
  • Multiple video feeds.
    • Security cameras / User devices / Drones / +More
  • Designate & create:
    • High Risk Areas
    • Dynamic Geofencing
    • Incident Notifications
  • Send & receive SOS messages.

User Mobile Application

  • Map view of Point of Interest.
  • Rich details such as directions and direct calling.
  • Send SOS messages providing first responder with exact location details.
  • Share video.
  • Secure voice and messaging.
    • Security cameras / User devices / Drones / +More

Admin Console & Analytics

  • Live data dashboard for rapid decision making & response.
  • Easy on-boarding via Active Directory or other file formats.
  • Ability to customize individual user profiles.
  • Detailed reporting & data analytics.

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