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September 14th, 2018

My Summer at DMI – What I Learned

When I started my internship, I knew DMI focused on mobility. According to the website homepage, DMI takes a “human-centric mobile-first approach to disrupt their markets and evolve their business models.” So DMI is a consulting services company that focuses on what’s called “mobility,” got it. But, Digital Transformation? The Internet of Things? Geofencing? I had no idea what any of these words meant, let alone where the industry stood in the digital age. I have to admit that I was intimidated at first. I came from a background of journalism and the humanities, not tech — but once I began researching industry articles in pursuit of new blog post topics, it began to click.

In my first week, I came to find out that working in the mobility space is more than just app development or providing companies with managed devices and support services. It involves business strategy, branding, IoT, cyber security and so much more. (So much more that it could be its own separate blog!) But once I understood that, I had a much better understanding of DMI’s goals as an organization and the direction the technology industry is headed.

Here’s a few of my takeaways from my time at DMI:

Corporate Terminology is Everywhere

Sometimes all the corporate jargon can be a bit repetitive and hard to understand. While doing research for the digital marketing team, I read numerous articles and studies covering various trending topics, and the one thing that stood out to me was the language. Being a novice in the industry it takes some time to get accustomed to the terminology used in articles and in business meetings. But alas, after 2+ months of being submerged in tech research and content creation, I have a much better grasp into what these terms means. However, after much research it still feels like there’s just too much jargon that the vital meaning can get lost behind a barrage of buzzwords.

Digital Lycanthropy is Real

Digital Transformation is one of the most important concepts that to my surprise, a lot of people don’t truly understand. After speaking with Michael Deittrick on his “Digital Lycanthropy” upcoming blog post , I realized that a lot of what I had read about Digital Transformation wasn’t capturing the essence of it. To be truly digitally transformed, a business has to go through a complete restructuring of the business model and not just upgrade some technology (which was what I thought when I first heard the term).

AR/VR is Way Bigger Than I Thought

I had no idea the extent of research there was for augmented and virtual reality. So many more companies and organizations are looking into it as a viable option for solving all kinds of problems, especially in the realm of product testing and 3-D design collaboration. From healthcare providers testing AR interfaces that pull up patient info, to cosmetic companies using AR to try on makeup, or industrial vehicle engineers using VR to fix breakdowns across the globe, it’s been an eye opening experience to see what used to seem so futuristic come to fruition.

The Power of Networking Can Take You Anywhere

I learned that the most effective networking strategy is to just sit down and talk to people. I had the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with so many of DMI’s key leaders and get first hand insight into who DMI is. What an excellent networking opportunity and overall learning experience it was. The one thing that stood out to me was when I met with Founder and CEO, Sunny Bajaj and he recounted his personal experience with internships. I may not be able to sit down and recount everything I learned in my time with DMI today, this week, or even this year, but down the road when I’m in new workplaces or new classrooms, the lessons will make themselves apparent.

I feel that now I’ve garnered a better understanding of the technology landscape as a whole. Through DMI, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into the past, present and future of tech as well as better understand what goes into a big company like DMI. There are so many interlocking parts, new additions, and key roles that play into having success, and after seeing these firsthand, I have an even greater respect for those who have to manage it all! I’m thankful for my experience and being able to meet so many fantastic people along the way.

This post was written by DMI Intern Charlie Heveran before he completed his summer internship and headed back to Northwestern University for the fall. Good Luck, Charlie!

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