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October 16th, 2018

DMI-Densify Partner to Optimize & Automate Cloud Resource Management

Imagine if your apps could intelligently gauge their resource demands every hour of the day, every day of the year. As an effort to improve application performance, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Densify, an analytics service that enables cloud infrastructure to become self-optimizing. Together, DMI and Densify are working to reimagine infrastructure optimization in the era of hybrid cloud management.

Our two companies share a common passion, to create an enhanced experience for our clients. That’s why we’ve partnered to provide an analytics service that continuously aligns cloud supply and demand to proactively remove capacity risk, enhance control and governance and drive significant  cost savings.

Joint Efforts

“We are excited about our new partnership with DMI. DMI’s focus on help their customers optimize, migrate and manage their infrastructure and the associated emerging challenges around cloud are a great fit with Densify. We have been impressed with the company since day one and look forward to growing our business together”. Chuck Tatham, SVP Business Development, Densify

To begin, our teams will focus on:

Understanding the Current State of a Customer’s infrastructure
  • Rapid Data Collection– Agentless collection of utilization data from public cloud and on prem virtualized infrastructure (time billing information, providing visibility into ways to actively reduce costs).
  • Exploration of risk reduction opportunities– Analytics rapidly expose areas of potential risk.
  • Exploration of cost reduction opportunities– Analytics rapidly expose areas of potential savings and densification.
Mapping a Path to Self-Aware Infrastructure
  • Helping Cloud Ops with App Owner communication– Showing how app owner reports on recommended optimization changes can help organizations drive approval of the changes needed to improve.
  • Application tagging with optimal resource settings –Leverage machine-learning to tag applications with the information required for orchestration tools to act on optimization changes
  • Process and Tool Chain integrations– Integrate Densify analytics into ITSM and DevOps processes.

Together, DMI and Densify will help employees and organizations collaborate and manage their cloud resources more effectively and proactively. An integrated approach to ensuring that application demand is balanced with optimal supply such that performance is ensured and costs are limited to the true requirements of the business.

Learn more about the joint Densify and DMI offerings:

About Densify:

Densify delivers a next-generation cloud optimization service that automatically and perfectly matches application demands with the right cloud resources in real time using a patented machine learning analytics engine. Densify automates the function of finding the optimal cloud resource for each application, and has helped hundreds of global organizations reduce business risk, improve application performance, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce overall cloud costs.

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