Protecting your workforce with social distancing, contact tracing and workplace sanitization reporting.

From the front door, to the shop floor, employers, educators, facility managers, and so many more will benefit from a proactive approach to the planning, reintegration, and ongoing management of workforce safety. While certain considerations will be specific to jurisdictions or industries, the businesses that begin implementing more stringent protocols, schedules and cleaning programs will not only help protect and reassure workers while on-site, but may also reduce a company’s liability upon reopening.
DMI offers a comprehensive mobile app solution to address these enterprise challenges. From automated safety compliance checklists and reporting to real-time monitoring, alerts and situational awareness support, Workplace Shield by DMI enables organizations with:

  • Social Distancing Alerts
  • Contact Tracing
  • Tracking Sanitization Compliance
  • Deploying Rapidly On Any Mobile Device
  • Self-Screening and Reporting

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