Internet of things & ANALYTICS

Creating an intelligent existence by linking physical and digital worlds to unleash the power of connectivity

50 million devices
$1.5 billion in new annual
IoT revenue


The Internet of Things (IoT) is about creating new experiences by connecting physical things to the digital world. Bigger data pipes, cost-effective sensors and cloud scale computing power have all come together as a catalyst for the IoT ecosystem to thrive.  The most obvious benefits to start emerging from connecting things are the endless new possibilities, better operational efficiency and new service revenue streams. The value derived out of data collected from things that were once ‘unconnected’ easily offsets any connectivity cost, as well as provides invaluable customer insights.

With over 17 years of experience in IoT, we have enabled over 1 billion IoT connections helping our customers harvest the true value of Connectivity. Our IoT Framework helps customers accelerate the journey of connectivity by tackling the complexity of integration with heterogeneous devices and the processing of high velocity data through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thereby, focusing solely on the actions, experiences and business outcomes to fully leverage the power of IoT.


IoT Strategy

Building an IoT approach that is aligned to your things and integrates your objectives.


In the IoT era that is upon us, connected businesses are innovating faster than ever. Leveraging IoT connections and intelligence gives us an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt markets, create new revenue streams, and deliver better experiences. We help you unlock these opportunities with strategic guidance from business case and ROI to selection of hardware, IoT Platform and rollout execution plan.

  • Design Thinking
  • IoT Platform Evaluation
  • Next-Gen Data Analytics Roadmap
  • Enterprise Readiness
  • ROI Analysis & Monetization Models

Connected Car

Two decades helping auto OEMs realize their full connectivity potential.


As pioneers in developing and deploying connected car solutions, we have been a trusted partner for many OEMs in the connected car space for decades. From consulting to being an implementation partner, we help map out and execute the most effective connected car program.

  • SDP Development
  • Infotainment Platform Development
  • TSP Integration & Migration
  • Over-the-Air (OTA)
  • Connected Car Program Launches

smart product integration

Connecting smart products to increase intelligence, responsiveness and profitability.


With our connected future approaching fast, a majority of organizations remain disconnected from the opportunities that IoT offers. Turn your company into a proactive enterprise by predicting the path your business will take and opening up new competitive avenues. With deep device integration experience and a pre-built communication gateway supporting the most common IoT protocols, our expertise helps you navigate through the choices amongst a myriad of communication protocols, standards and wireless carriers.

  • Diagnostics as a Service
  • Multi-Channel Communication Gateway
  • Standards Based OTA
  • Fleet Optimization Asset Management as a Service

Business Analytics & Data Monetization

Achieve top line growth and maximize your bottom line by leveraging connectivity.


In our new connected world, the possibilities are endless. Connectivity, plus the ability to find trends in the treasure trove of retrieved data from objects, are a powerful combination to grow your business, manage risk and make better decisions. We enable organizations to create new modes of business using IoT experiences and data to achieve ROI in three key areas: generating new revenue streams, increasing loyalty and retention and increasing operational efficiency.

  • Discovery Analytics
  • Customer 360 as a Service
  • Data Mining & Actionable Insights
  • Predictive Analytics & Statistical Modeling
  • Data Products as a Service

Big Data Management

Infusing a “sixth sense” into business by leveraging real-time IoT data and extending it across the enterprise.


Billions of sensors, objects and devices producing trillions of data points offer an opportunity to see an enterprise in a new light. The real challenge is transforming this stream of information into a “sixth sense” for an enterprise, enabling it to gain intelligence and capture untapped opportunities ahead of competitors. DMI allows you to transform data into business outcomes with predictive intelligence so you can capture new opportunities faster and remedy issues before anyone is even aware they exist.

  • Next-Gen Data Analytics in Cloud
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • API-fication
  • Master Data Management & Data Governance
  • Data Integration & Data Quality


Translating raw data into actionable insights to generate profit.


Effective business intelligence and visualization platforms play a critical role in getting meaningful and actionable information into the hands of business users. Our user experience and visualization experts specialize in transforming complexity into a consumer-grade, user-friendly and intuitive BI solutions that leads to increased user adoption, ROI and productivity.

  • Visualization & Dashboards
  • Embedded Analytics as a Service
  • Mobile-Enabled BI Portals
  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Operational Reports

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