Discover Connected Commerce


In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, earning a spot inside the customer’s heart & mind is more challenging than ever before. Imagine a future where brands can dial directly into customers’ needs, pinpoint exactly where to reach them with the most relevant messaging, deliver the exact products and services they desire, and provide extraordinary service throughout the customer journey. Engaging branding and marketing strategies can be created and next gen technology can be implemented, yet putting all the pieces together is no small feat, and many times disparate legacy systems serve as roadblocks to a truly “connected” customer experience. Through Connected Commerce, we connect the dots from brand awareness through repeat customer engagement (and everywhere in between).



Intergrated Expertise from One Partner.


We know the retail industry and we understand that digitally-extending your business toward a platform model is both an art and a science. It requires a human-centric, customer-obsessed approach to designing the experience and then scaling innovation that meets the pace of change. As a unique kind of partner that brings you the design-thinking of a digital agency, the next-gen innovation of a digital consultancy, and the agile, scaled delivery of a global IT services provider, we have baked this critical balance into all we offer.

Digital Business Design

  • Connected Commerce Strategy
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Brand Expansion & Evolution
  • Marketing Strategy, Planning & Research

Next-Gen Innovation

  • Conversational Interfaces
  • Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Chat Bots
  • AI Assisted Associate & Customer Engagement
  • Intelligent Process Automation

Digital Services

  • Connected Commerce Architecture
  • Commerce & CRM Platform Implementation
  • Headless Commerce Development & Implementation
  • API Strategy & Integrations
  • IoT Strategy & Intelligence
  • Product Lifecycle & Data Management
  • Customer & Sentiment Analytics
  • Catalog & Content Management
  • Web 2.0 & Mobile Applications
  • Cloud Services
  • Managed & Utility Services



Delight customers through integrated in-store, online, mobile, and conversational experiences honed for their journey.

Experience-led strategies are disrupting traditional businesses in a time when expectations have never been higher. Incorporating human-centered design-thinking into your business model is imperative to compete. From self-service features empowering customers to engage on their terms to robust analytics working behind the scenes to create customized customer experiences, there’s no mistaking the power of Connected Commerce. Leaders will deliver seamless customer experiences regardless of time, location or device, and will create meaningful experiences for their customers based on a firm understanding of buyer personas and customer journeys.


Leverage data to deliver a smarter & more engaging commerce experience.

Marketing isn’t working like it used to and brands must rethink their strategies to create connections in an entirely new way. Powered by data science and artificial intelligence, Connected Commerce anticipates customer’s desires and delivers personalized solutions to meet those precise needs. By serving up rich data in relation to customer interests, prior purchases, learned behavior and a wide variety of other data inputs, customers receive the most relevant information in real-time. As the Connected Commerce system learns a customer’s preferences, customers enjoy personalized recommendations and receive smarter marketing intended to engage and not annoy.

Connected: Centered Around Software

Implement a connected commerce platform to build brand loyalty & create new revenue streams.

Brand loyalty is declining. Connected Commerce combats this epidemic by immersing customers into a brand in an experiential way that defies today’s engagement techniques. Leaders will adopt a modern, flexible, and adaptable Microservices architecture to support Marketplace expansion, ecosystem expansion, and social selling. By utilizing lightweight Headless Commerce, leveraging platforms for core commoditized functions, and creating APIs to support back-end integration, brands open up the possibilities for new digital extensions to their existing core business to invigorate loyalty and increase sales.


Tap into digital marketing and next gen technology to drive demand.

Growth requires demand, and making the needle move in today’s business environment requires a wide mix of digital tactics to keep customers engaged beyond their initial purchase or subscription. With a Connected Commerce approach, brands benefit from integrated digital marketing tools and next gen technology to drive new market demand and nurture existing customer relationships. From CRM solutions and marketing automation to integrated marketing campaigns and conversational interfaces, Connected Commerce is built to engage easier and more effectively than ever before.