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Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System

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DMI has deep experience in design and implementation of a Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS), providing an unmatched understanding of the life cycle phases and activities of caseworkers, children, and families. We also have years of expertise on how policy, regulatory, and legislative mandates evolve; their impact on business and systems; and how to quickly respond to ensure compliance. Our module approach to CCWIS sets the stage for a future proof, mobile-first solution available on day one, meeting all challenges in today’s technical landscape.


  • Review current and prior allegations
  • Access all prior case history
  • Update cases where formal investigation is underway
  • Change pathway of case with structured decision-making tool (SDM)
  • Document through mobile enabled voice to text, audio and video recording

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Case Management

  • Track case participants
  • Capture all interactions
  • Document child and family assessments/reassessments
  • Create family and individual service plans
  • Search and recommend providers


  • Track steps toward guardianship, adoption, etc.
  • Manage documents
  • View timeline of case and completed activities
  • Customize workflows and case closure

Provider Management

  • Manage public and private providers
  • Support administration of new foster/adoptive homes
  • Administer information with existing homes

Finance Management

  • Manage all financial transactions
  • Produce accounting reports
  • Track authorization process and business rules
  • Integrate with case management and permanency modules
  • Use APIs to integrate with financial systems (PAAS, SOAR, and Contract Database)

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  • Support centralized event management
  • Manage uniform entry, tracking and querying


  • Provide easy to use drag-drop assessment builder
  • Capture various types of inputs – text, multiple-choice, yes/no, etc.
  • Feature dynamic display of questions based on previous question
  • Save as draft to finalize later
  • Store multiple versions
  • Enable data already in system to be inherited

Monitoring and Audit

  • Merge seamlessly with the Event Management module
  • Allow creation of regular visit schedules across the unit
  • Provide internal reviews of all records in system


  • Utilize library of pre-built reports
  • Offer ad hoc reporting capabilities


  • Provide the capability to manage manual or primarily manual processes
  • Support the administration of user, role groupings and the entire system


  • Educate case workers
  • Coach investigation officers
  • Train fosters care parents

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