What We Do


Design a Custom Roadmap for Navigating Big Platforms

Platforms like SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft 365 have to be all things to all people. But businesses need these platforms customized to their exact needs. Thus, installing, upgrading or migrating to business platforms is a complex undertaking — often beyond the skills of many IT departments. DMI has the experts and the experience to grapple with these challenges. We analyze your business and user base. Then we deliver an action plan that will use Agile methods to quickly deliver the platform solution that meshes with your computing environment.


Make it So: A Fast, Savvy Partner to Execute Platform Plans

Deploying platform services is a profound technical challenge — best left to experts who do the work every day. Whether you’re migrating to Salesforce or installing the newest version of Microsoft 365, you must sync all the plugins and components properly without disrupting people’s work. Compliance and security must follow best practices. And it has to happen ASAP. DMI’s mastery of Agile methods and business platform architecture gives you the tools to tackle these technicalities rapidly while staying attuned to the needs of your business.


Keep Pace with the Constant Innovations in Business Platforms

Once you’re up and running on a business platform, you have new issues to think about. How well does your platform mesh with the rest of your business software? Have you worked out all the bugs and deployed the best components for your users? You also might want to help boost people’s productivity with low-code / no-code automations. At DMI, our platform services extend beyond strategy and execution. Our consultants keep you up to speed on the evolution of platform software. You don’t have to worry about missing out on the latest innovations.