What We Do


Out with the Old: Design Modern, Resilient Cloud Applications

The cloud means freedom to develop powerful, intelligent apps that drive value in narrow time frames. Today’s modern IT architectures let you combine APIs, containers and other cloud functions to compose remarkably flexible end-user experiences. Your opportunities to customize and optimize are just about limitless. Making it happen, however, requires a well-thought-out strategy and abundant experience with a vast array of cloud functions. DMI can help you create a roadmap to realize the potential of developing in the cloud.


Making it Real: Execute a Plan to Orchestrate in the Cloud

Deploying a cloud development environment starts with basic housekeeping. Rationalizing your app portfolio; reducing technical debt. You’ll also need Agile and DevOps methodologies to iterate fast and manage releases. That can mean substantial culture changes before writing the first line of code. Then the music starts: You’re a maestro orchestrating the performance of dozens of digital instruments to produce fluid, intuitive experiences. DMI’s strategic and technical guidance helps you master these orchestrations.


Taking it to the Future: Build a Place to Innovate 

When you’ve mastered the fundamentals of cloud application development, it’s time to  innovate. Endless scale and storage in the cloud open a door to machine learning and advanced automation. Always-on access to mobile devices invites you to develop user experiences that fit the context of people’s lives: locations, behaviors and preferences. DMI has Microsoft MVPs on staff to help you build these experiences. Our deep technical expertise and sharp focus on user experience help you realize grand ambitions in the cloud.