AI Strategy & Consulting

50% Improvement
Return of Investment
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20% Average Growth
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DMI’s consulting offering for AI draws from our experience with operationalizing machine learning to meet customers’ business objectives. Whether it’s about in-flight AI/ML projects that are hitting some bumps, or you need to kick start a new initiative, we are able to work seamlessly with your platforms and technologies of choice. At the core of everything we do is a focus on your success – your business, your deliverables and your timelines.





While still considered emerging technologies, DMI’s team of seasoned experts have successfully implemented AI & Machine Learning solutions for countless organizations across a wide variety of industries. Through our unique ideation phase, we help enterprises assess the possibilities where AI could drive value and hone in on the use case that offers the strongest ROI.

“DMI completed ten days of work in two minutes via automation, drastically improving efficiency in processing customer portfolios. The team has integrated seamlessly to drive impact and results. They continue to anticipate client needs and proactively offer new ideas.”

SVP of Product, Payments Processing Firm
Move Your Business Forward with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way we live, work and do business. As these technologies mature and grow, more and more organizations are leveraging their power and insights to refine their processes, boost productivity, improve their customer experiences and drive their bottom line ever higher.

At DMI, we live and breathe AI and ML. Our data scientists and engineers have years of experience in implementing leading platforms and tools across a multitude of verticals. Coupled with agile methodologies and dedication to DevOps, we design, build and implement real-world AI and machine learning solutions that provide innumerable but measurable benefits to your organization.

  • Predictive analysis that mitigates risks and opens the door to new innovations
  • Improve operational efficiency through unique insights
  • Automate costly business processes, significantly reducing overhead
  • Continuously improve ROI through productivity and process refinement

And we do more than simply creating a solution — we build a vision around your organization. We put the process before the technology by analyzing and objectively assessing your business’s unique needs and objectives. From there, we design a platform that couples seamlessly to your organization’s processes. This means AI and ML work for you — not the other way around.

Business Insights Through Predictive Analysis

Rather than depending on costly research and development or real-world experiments, AI allows businesses to make better decisions based on predictive modeling and real-world data. Key insights provided by these models allow you to see the results of your innovations long before you invest in them, guiding your business to ever more success and far fewer risks.

  • Predict and analyze customer responses, purchases and behavior
  • Identify and promote cross-selling opportunities
  • Help identify, attract and nurture your business’s most profitable leads and customers

At DMI, we provide our partners with the AI and ML platform necessary to leverage the very best these technologies have to offer. With lightning-fast insights and a deep understanding of everything from customer behavior to employee productivity to operational efficiency, we help drive business growth through digital transformation.

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