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As more shopping moves online, how can brick and mortar retailers continue to attract customers? We asked


American consumers about their shopping experiences. We found that one third of our respondents share similar habits, behaviors and interests when it comes to shopping and mobile use. We call them Mobile Reliants—they are not defined by age, income or gender—and they may present a significant opportunity for retailers. As you view the data below, you can compare data sets from Mobile Reliants to the General Population.

People already use
phones in-store

A surprising majority of shoppers, across a wide age range, use smartphones to help them shop in-store every time or regularly.

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Most retailers have yet to take full advantage of the phones in shoppers’ pockets. But that hasn’t stopped consumers from finding ways to enhance the experience.

most popular in-store actions:

your customers
will help you evolve

People are willing to share personal information in exchange for more tailored shopping experiences. The trick is understanding which types of data consumers are comfortable sharing:

As a retailer, you want to optimize shoppers’ mobile devices while they’re in your store. And it turns out, your customers want that too. People are ready and willing to engage with mobile experiences that enhance brick and mortar visits. It’s time to give your customers what they want.

most-wanted mobile features:

Consumers want
even more

Shoppers are hungry for more robust in-store functionality. And if retailers give people what they want, consumer behavior will change accordingly. Here’s how respondents said they’d react if a favorite retailer had an app with in-store features they value:

Explore The Mobile Reliants
Data compiled January 2016
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Who Are the Mobile Reliants?

33% of respondents in our research are considered Mobile Reliant. They met all of the following criteria:

  • describe daily mobile device usage as “a lot” or “all day”
  • use mobile device while shopping inside retail stores every time or regularly
  • have 3 or more shopping applications on mobile device
  • made a past purchase on a mobile device
  • age

    Mobile Reliants can be any age, but 25-34 year-olds are 45% more likely to be Mobile Reliant.

  • income

    Mobile Reliants have purchasing power! In fact, those making $150,000+ in annual income are 50% more likely to be Mobile Reliant.

  • gender

    Mobile Reliants skew slightly female in the retail space.

  • device type

    Apple users are 17% more likely to be Mobile Reliant.

  • parents

    Parents are 20% more likely to be Mobile Reliant.

  • shopping satisfaction

    Frequent mobile shoppers are more satisfied with their shopping experiences.


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