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August 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014

Bringing a Framework to Mobile Security

I’m often asked, “What is the best tool to secure my mobile devices?”  My answer is always: “Secure from what?”  Unfortunately in the security industry, people equate security with tools,...
August 12, 2014
Aug 12, 2014

Mobile Application Security

On Thursday August 14th I’m speaking on a webinar for the Multi-State ISAC about Mobile application security.  The webcast is at 2pm EDT, link to register here if you are interested.  This is the...
July 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014

Is Your Cat Selling You Out?

There has been a lot of press about a new website dedicated to that which fuels the Internet: Cat pictures.  A new site call “I know where your cat lives” leverages what they claim is over 15...
July 18, 2014
Jul 18, 2014

Internet of Things Privacy Conference

Last week, I participated on a panel for the TRUSTe Internet of Things (IoT) Privacy Summit at a beautiful resort in Menlo Park, California.  The event brought together people from many different...
June 27, 2014
Jun 27, 2014

The Internet of Things to get Hacked

There has been a lot of talk last couple of years about the Internet of Things (IoT).  IoT is basically the concept that household and personal appliances, including vehicles, will all be connected...
June 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014


Every cyber security speaker has a presentation on “Threat Landscape” or “Cyber Crime” that is his or her go-to when talking to non-technical audiences who need to understand the world of...
April 22, 2014
Apr 22, 2014

Mobile Security Alert

Mobile devices are more vulnerable than ever to cyber-attacks. For an update on the mobile security landscape and solid advice on how to protect yourself, this is a read you shouldn't...