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Walmart’s app provides a great in-store mobile experience. Considering its wide product selection, Walmart has created an impressively robust app with useful inventory information. The app is well designed, works quickly and provides a great user experience overall. By scanning or searching an item, shoppers can view product ingredients, information about similar products and availability in preferred stores or online. Walmart scored highest in the pricing category, which is no surprise. The retailer makes it simple to check the price of an item and compare prices. The savings Walmart shoppers enjoy are clearly outlined. If Walmart doesn’t have the lowest price, the app provides instructions on how to receive a reimbursement, or earn rewards points, for the difference. One of only a handful of retailers whose app interface changes when a shopper enters the store, Walmart has a “store mode” that unlocks key features to help shoppers in the store. The app does not include store maps and does not allow shoppers to reserve a dressing room, but when you consider everything the app does offer, Walmart is a clear leader in mobile in-store experiences.

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