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The Tiffany & Co. application is meant to help women find and purchase engagement rings. Pricing and inventory information is not available Рbut related jewelry, and the ability to take a photo of your hand and see what different rings might look like on your hand are features that are included for the shopper. The app also allows engagement-ring shoppers to make an appointment to go to the store to try on rings, as well as call store associates directly. Shoppers are also given the ability to create a list of items and add them to a shopping cart Рbut there’s no link to a store map nor are shoppers given the ability to add any item to the shopping list. Overall, the app has limited functionality Рwithin good reason. It is not meant to be a catch-all solution to improve the shopping experience, and is designed and developed to cater to a very specific audience, shopping for a very specific product.

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