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The Saks Fifth Avenue app creates a unique, sleek and sophisticated shopping experience for its users (high-end shoppers), but it lacks a strong connection to the in-store experience. The app is designed for shopping at home or on the go and provides solid content, access to reviews, and a robust rewards program. However, none of the functionality or personalization offered relates to your presence in a store or experience while there. You can scan an item in a physical location, and then buy it via the app later on, but other than that, the app offers little benefit to brick and mortar shoppers. For a high-end brand with a loyal customer base, there are plenty of opportunities to improve the in-store experience for Saks customers. The app is hitting the mark on a lot of meaningful functions for Saks customers—but more integration with the in-store experience would make the Saks Fifth Avenue app more valuable to shoppers.

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