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Rite Aid’s application is built for existing customers who are not in a physical Rite Aid store, are part of their loyalty program (Plenti), and are looking to refill a prescription. Beyond that, the app is extremely limited in its functionality and difficult to navigate. They offer the ability to build a shopping list, but it is not tied to actual products that they carry, simply a note-taking tool. There is an option to purchase items and search inventory, but that action simply takes users to the website which is not mobile friendly or responsive. If you are not a member of their Plenti loyalty program, you can do little to nothing with the application. The process for registering is clunky and not particularly user-friendly. The functionality around refilling a prescription, however, seemed like a thoughtful and good experience. With so much merchandise and a solid customer base enrolled in their loyalty program – Rite Aid has the potential to expand the mobile in-store experience for its customers tremendously. There are opportunities to provide real value through personalization and inventory information.

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