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Today, PetSmart’s mobile experience mimics the desktop offering and really doesn’t provide any utility or purpose to in-store shoppers. After being taken private in March 2015, PetSmart now has the ability to make some big bets in order to transform the company and drive growth beyond the view of Wall Street. Its 1,300+ stores are the primary revenue engine for the company and are also the platform upon which PetSmart is building out its high margin and high growth pet services business, like grooming, hoteling, etc. To our surprise, the brand’s mobile platforms offer no functionality related to these services. There seems to be a large opportunity for the brand to build a suite of tools that makes it easy to find, book, message with groomers, check-in, check-out and pay for such services, all via mobile. Beyond just those services, there is an opportunity to build out store guidance features like interactive maps and on-demand help for those that can’t get access to a store associate in these large stores. Overall, better serving big spending “Pet Parents” via mobile (and beyond) in-store experience will only help PetSmart capture a larger share of this growing market.

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