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Old Navy offers a mobile app that is designed for use outside of the brick and mortar environment. The only in-store functionality is a prominently featured bar code scanner that drives to the e-commerce site where shoppers can see product information and eCommerce specific inventory. In tests, this feature worked approximately fifty percent of the time. Moreover, it proved problematic in terms of in-store inventory accuracy as a product our tester scanned showed up as out of stock in the store in which we tested. Overall, this experience does not present a compelling case to shoppers to use in-store, nor does it truly enhance fun shopping experience that the brand seeks to create. Within the Old Navy in-store experience, there seems to be an opportunity to deliver improved customer service via mobile, either in app or via text. And, there also seems to be an opportunity for Old Navy to bring more of their fun brand attitude to an in-store mobile experience for its millennial-centric customers. This could take the form of games, a product recommendation engine or other fun activities.

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