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Nike offers several applications, however, none of them tie directly to the in-store or retail activity. There are some product promotions in the activity apps like Nike+ and Nike Training Club. Additionally, the mobile website functionality doesn’t seem to help or augment the shopping experience at all, it’s essentially just a mobile version of the website. Associates at the stores are enthusiastic and well-trained, so they are doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to aiding and improving the in-store shopping experience. However, there are always segments of shoppers who don’t care to interact with associates and would prefer to explore products, reserve dressing rooms, and pick up products on the fly. Overall, the only feature set that Nike offers its shoppers is suggesting other products based on the item that shoppers might be viewing. What’s more, there was no loyalty or rewards program that existed – no easy way to reorder find past orders which was a miss.

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