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The New York & Co mobile experience is designed primarily for those shopping beyond the brick and mortar store. The brand does offer mobile apps that leverage location-based services to deliver accurate store locations. Additionally, the mobile app enables users to store payment information as well as their NY&C credit card. Additionally, there is a bar code scanning feature that is designed to replace the need to carry the NY&C credit and loyalty card. For many users, this might be valuable. However, there are ample opportunities for improvement for the mobile in-store experience. Checking store crowdedness to help plan visits might go a long way for this audience. As would experiences that enable mobile/digital shoppers to set appointments in advance and have dressing rooms outfitted with shopping list items and recommendations. Addressing the most sought after user experience, the ability to scan an item to quickly access product info, reviews, inventory, etc. would make the experience more useful to shoppers immediately.

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