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Lululemon is growing exceedingly fast and seems to be fueling the athleisure wear movement. Various industry rankings place the brand’s revenue per square foot in the top ten of all retailers globally. So, one wonders whether there is room or need for an in-store mobile experience? Today, the brand’s mobile experience is very clearly designed for use beyond the brick and mortar stores. While the mobile application attempts to provide utility for in-store shoppers in the form of a prominently placed barcode scanner, this feature seems to work only about one in five times. When it does, it brings you to the brand’s eCommerce experience, which houses great product information and extensive product reviews. With its premium product and somewhat complicated product assortment, it seems like there is a missed opportunity here for mobile to aid in the product education and selection process for in-store shoppers. Additionally, many Lululemon stores host scheduled activities, such as Yoga classes. There may be an opportunity for the brand to explore scheduling, check-in, etc. around these activities to further fuel CRM activities and offers. Overall, a better mobile in-store experience can only help further fuel performance.

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