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Amidst its three year strategic plan to add $2 billion in annual sales, it is clear that Kohl’s has emphasized improving its loyalty, mobile and eCommerce experiences. The brand’s Yes2You Rewards program is the glue that ties together the experience for customers and it also serves as a main reason to download and use the Kohl’s mobile application. For in-store shoppers, the Kohl’s mobile app offers specific “Store Tools,” that are promoted through push notifications as shoppers approach the store and through a prominently placed in-app promo. The primary store tools are a mobile wallet and bar code scanner. The mobile wallet’s primary purpose is to enable shoppers to ditch physical rewards cards, Kohl’s cash, gift cards and coupons. All of these things can easily be stored in the wallet and used at the checkout counter. The barcode scanner works as well or better than any other we tested. And, because the eCommerce platform is quite advanced, it is easy to check in-store and nearby store inventory. The In-Store Tools also give shoppers the ability to select a default store with prominently featured hours, access the local Kohl’s circular (although this feature didn’t work) and access lists and registries. Overall, the application clearly shows Kohl’s investment in digital experience for customers. One area for potential improvement is to include in-store maps as the store footprints are quite large and challenging to navigate. Another is to connect its advanced online list building capability to the in-store experience, perhaps through a customized shopping list or in-store navigation to these items. A third would be to deliver some type of on-demand customer service experience for in-store shoppers as it can be difficult to track down associates in these stores. Lastly, the mobile wallet doesn’t enable mobile self-checkout nor does it create a simpler return process. These are large opportunities to improve the store experience and eliminate long lines in both of these areas.

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