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Ikea has two different applications – one that is the Store Catalog. This app allows shoppers to view the catalog via a PDF. What makes this application unique and stand out is the ability for shoppers to take a photo of their space (home, office etc.) and have their product be inserted via virtual reality. The feature has it’s hiccups – it’s a bit awkward but we are enthusiastic about the attempt from Ikea. Overall, the catalog application doesn’t provide a greater – or different – experience for the user compared to their mobile website.

Their Store application – requires users to sign up for an Ikea account or the Ikea family program. Signup is lengthy, with a large amount of segmentation information required. What’s more, after registering, we had difficulty logging in. This application lets users create a shopping list – which provides detailed information about store availability (as well as online) – and location within the Ikea store. A huge advantage – when you’re trying to navigate through the massive store. Coupons and discounts are also available – but they are not specific to the shopper or the store.

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