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hhgregg’s application lacked a strong link to the in-store shopping experience. They did, however, have a scanning feature that allowed shoppers to learn more about products after scanning them. This included information on price, features, specifications, reviews, and inventory information – both in-store and online. Shoppers were also served up similar products that customers who purchased a specific item bought, and have easy access to customer service and expert advice via a phone number. Promotions and coupons were specific for local stores, and shoppers were given the ability to store personal and credit card information in their online accounts. Finally, the application pushed notifications to shoppers on the launch of a new sale following their store visit. We believe that as an electronics store, hhgregg would benefit from incorporating more advanced customer service functionality. Giving shoppers the power to request help from anywhere in the store – to ask questions, get advice and help them on their path to purchase.

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