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Like most retailers, the Express mobile experience is designed primarily for shopping outside of the brick and mortar store. The brand’s mobile application provides functional eCommerce capabilities that piggyback on the brand’s responsive web commerce platform. For those shopping online, it’s a great experience. However, the mobile experience for in-store users is not very useful. Express has attempted to enable in-store shoppers to easily access its eCommerce product information via a barcode scanning feature. In theory, this feature would enable shoppers to access the same functionality as the eCommerce platform such as product ratings, reviews, online inventory and even store specific inventory. In our tests, this feature did not work for our team. With its young shopper demographic, there is enormous opportunity for Express to leverage mobile to improve the in-store experience. Capabilities such as mobile self-checkout, on-demand customer service, product suggestions and even prearranged dressing rooms may appeal to Express customers.

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