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CVS offers a huge variety of products and services – and their app attempts to cover a lot of ground, but not with the in-store shopper in mind. But, in an effort to do everything in one application, they have sacrificed many of the in-store mobile experiences and features that customers today find valuable. The app prominently features a product scanner, but the functionality failed 6 out of 7 attempts. When it was functioning, it connects to the ecommerce website. Things like shopping lists weren’t focused on aiding the in-store shopper but the online shopper. The app does possess several advanced capabilities with regards to prescription medications, but these features are built for users not in a store. There is no in-store mobile functionality associated with Minute Clinic, such as checking-in, past records, appointment scheduling etc. which is a large missed opportunity. CVS has not focused on the mobile in-store experience yet, and there are certainly a lot available to improve the shopping, pharmacy and clinic experiences that the retailer offers.  

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