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The discount retailer has not made mobile a high priority. With Costco’s tight margin and cost control mantra – any app upgrades would mandate an extremely strong business case for the retailer. Their application as it exists today is extremely simple and straightforward. It provides basic functionality and presents a limited product catalog of SKUs. Some items can be purchased without a Costco membership, while others require you to sign in to view pricing information. The catalog and checkout functionality piggy-backs on the platform. Within the store, there is no mention of the application around the products or shelves. The pharmacy and photo center allow you to upload information and pick up in store. But in terms of opportunities, given Costco’s desire to create a “treasure hunt” type of environment where the customer is constantly delighted and surprised by new offers – it would be helpful if the app would provide a similar experience. There’s an opportunity for in-store notifications and special in-store offers that its customer base would be interested in.

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