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Athelta’s application is helpful in allowing shoppers to scan items, and set up in-store holds on items. However, it doesn’t create any interaction with staff members or the shopping experience outside of scanning items. The app does seem to be built for expansion – setting it up for growth in the year to come. The application lets you create lists while at home or on-the-go. These lists can be sent to in-store staff that are able to set the items aside for you, to try on or purchase when you arrive. Also, the app provides great product imagery that helps customers see what the item looks like, how it fits, and what to wear it with. In-store staff are well-trained, helpful and we saw potential to arm them with a clientelling app or the ability to help its customers even further to improve the experience. Athleta seems to be a leader among other Gap-owned brands – and set up for a successful mobile in-store future.

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