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American Eagle, among fashion retailers with a millennial customer base, is doing better than most in providing a valuable in-store experience for its users. The app provides users the ability to check on an item’s availability in a specific store, in another store and online, although not to see the quantity available. What really made American Eagle’s app impressive is its “Reserve, Try & Buy” feature, which allows shoppers to reserve a dressing room in a specific location, with clothing the user has pre-selected through the app. Such functionality is a challenge to implement, but something customers want. Since keeping track of inventory in real-time is a challenge, American Eagle has incorporated SMS texting to confirm that requested products are available. Overall, the app is robust and designed with the young user in mind, including sleek photography and content, but these elements resulted in slow load times. For millennials who are quick to write off features they don’t fine helpful, American Eagle is insightful and forward-thinking to include things like “Reserve, Try & Buy.” Among its direct competitors, American Eagle is the leader of the pack.

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