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As Abercrombie & Fitch continues the reinvention of its iconic style and brand, it has placed an increased emphasis on its mobile experience. It’s responsive eCommerce platform (which also powers sister brand Hollister) is quite well done and enables advanced omni-channel capabilities including a curated product suggestion engine. This same platform powers its native applications, but those applications provide no utility for in-store shoppers, save a store finder feature. There is a music player, which presumably reflects the store’s typical booming soundtrack, but there is no ability to take over the store playlist. The brand also prominently promotes its text-based offers program. Again, this program didn’t seem to have any geolocation features attached to it when we visited the stores. As A&F continues to draw millennials and gen z to its stores, there is a tremendous opportunity to deliver a mobile in-store experience that supports and enhances the shopping experience and maybe even turns the stores into a destination for shoppers. On-demand support, mobile self-checkout, in-store rewards and gamified product suggestions may all appeal to this audience.

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