What We Do


Children and Families Need Safety and Reassurance

The children come first. They may be sick or injured, neglected or endangered. Their families may be underemployed or overstressed. These challenges may seem like a million miles from the latest Innovations in mobile technology and automation. But DMI found a way to bridge the chasm. Our comprehensive child welfare information system uses innovative, modular software on mobile devices to help government agencies modernize their IT systems while improving service to their most vulnerable populations.   

Caseworkers Need Speed and Efficiency

Caseworkers have too much to do already. They have no use for balky, obsolete software and hand-written forms. DMI gives them the tools they need to spend more time learning about the people they serve and documenting their experiences. Mobile devices have cameras and microphones that help caseworkers gather essential facts. DMI’s solution helps caseworkers use these tools quickly and efficiently. Automation speeds up data entry while helping ensure regulatory compliance. These will always be tough jobs, but DMI gets the paperwork and technology out of the way.

Administrators Need Resilience and Compliance

Agency department managers crave data, reporting, security and automation. Agency IT managers prefer modular, API-connected architectures that evolve with the times. DMI’s CCWIS solution converges these interests. It runs on multiple cloud platforms, uses containers and other cloud technologies, gathers data for reporting, and uses advanced automation to optimize repetitive tasks. Blockchain-style ledgers protect private data and APIs link to financial software. DMI’s wide-ranging expertise in government technology ensures everybody gets what they need.