The Small Business Administration Selects Digital Management

Company Helps Entire Agency with its E-Government Participation

Bethesda, MD—June 17, 2005–Digital Management, Inc. (Digital Management) the secure e-government solutions company, announced today that the Small Business Administration (SBA) has awarded it a contract to provide impact analysis and communications planning for all of the 22 federal E-Government initiatives in which SBA is participating. The initiatives include Disaster Management, E-Travel, E-Loans, Integrated Acquisition Environment, Expanding Electronic Tax Products for Business, Online Rulemaking, E-Clearance, Federal Asset Sales – Property and Real Property,, International Trade Process Streamlining, Recruitment One-Stop, E-Payroll, E-Authentication, Enterprise HR Integration, E-Records Management, E-Training, Geospatial One-Stop, Recruitment One-Stop, USA Services, Financial Management, Grants Management, and Human Resource Management.

These E-Government initiatives, driven by the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), are outlined in the E-Government Act of 2002. Each initiative is a government-wide effort to leverage the Internet to improve service to citizens, business, and government, saving taxpayer money and creating measurable performance improvement.

Digital Management’s project is a critical next step in the Agency’s efforts to effectively plan and implement these initiatives, which cut across the Agency’s business lines and affect many aspects of the Agency’s process and technology infrastructure. Digital Management’s efforts will enable SBA to effectively set expectations for their participation in E-Government as the initiatives mature and to plan for the deployment of these solutions within the Agency. By employing best practices and proven management techniques, Digital Management will improve SBA’s insight into, monitoring of, and planning for these E-Government initiatives to pave the way for implementation success.

As part of this project, Digital Management is working in collaboration with all of the following managing partner agencies to support SBA’s E-Government participation: Department of Education, Department of Commerce, General Services Administration, Office of Personnel Management, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Treasury, Department of Energy, Department of Labor, Department of Justice, the National Science Foundation, Department of the Interior, Environmental Protection Agency, National Archives and Records Administration, and Department of Health and Human Services.

“The SBA E-Gov project perfectly exemplifies Digital Management’s core business! The future effectiveness of SBA and the Federal Government as a whole depend on their ability to effectively adopt new technology and adapt business processes. We are pleased that SBA recognizes our unique expertise in E-Government and trusts us to assist them in planning their E-Government participation. Digital Management is committed to making this project a success and, as a result, improving SBA’s effectiveness with its E-Government initiatives and ensuring compliance with the President’s Management Agenda,” said Jay Sunny Bajaj, President, Digital Management.

About Digital Management:

Digital Management is a leading IT solutions and business strategy consulting firm focused on providing solutions that enable Federal agencies to deliver on the promise of Transformation. We transform Government operations by dependably bridging the gap between business strategy and mission success. We see technology as an efficient, economical means to an end and are dedicated to crafting the solutions that result in an increasingly interoperable, responsive, and cost-effective government. Digital Management provides services and solutions in Strategic Business Transformation, Software Systems Modernization, Enterprise Information Management, Cybersecurity, Healthcare IT, and Federal Financial Management. Digital Management is an SBA-certified, minority-owned, 8(a) small business.

Andrew J. Musliner