Digital Management to Exhibit at Upcoming U.S. Cyber Command-Cyber Security Conference

Comprehensive Set of Cybersecurity Services, Underpinned by Breakthrough Trusted Computing Technologies on Display at First Annual Conference in Fort Meade, MD

Bethesda, MD—November 17, 2010—Digital Management, Inc. (, a leading IT solutions and business strategy consulting firm, announced today that it will exhibit at the first-annual U.S. Cyber Command-Cyber Security Conference at Cyber Command’s new location in Fort Meade, MD on November 30, 2010. Conference information can be found here.

Digital Management is distinguished by its industry-leading applications of Trusted Computing Technologies to deliver unprecedented protections for data, applications and networks. With Digital Management solutions, clients can be assured that no unknown devices will gain access to network resources, and data will be protected whether at rest or in transit. The company’s leadership in the Trusted Computing arena is exemplified by its technology demonstrations that have actually been published on the NSA’s own website.

While at the Cyber Security Conference, Digital Management will also exhibit its comprehensive set of cybersecurity services, including Risk & Security Assessment, Managed Security Operations, Compliance and Transition, Critical Security Controls, Awareness and Education, Penetration Testing, and Software Security Assurance.

Digital Management solutions include Event Horizon, from Neural IQ, Inc, and IMPACT Pro and INSIGHT™ Enterprise, from Core Security Technologies. Event Horizon, on display at the Conference, offers a breathtaking view of real-time intrusion forensics, allowing adversaries to attack a staged virtualized environment, indistinguishable from a client’s valid one. The virtualized environment captures the entire “anatomy of an attack,” providing the precise data needed to inform Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems to prevent compromise of real environments. Core Security’s Penetration Testing solutions, IMPACT Pro and INSIGHT™ Enterprise, offer enhanced penetration testing and measurement solutions by replicating actual threats across the enterprise—offering the first and only real-world approach to security testing and measurement.

Cyber Command will bring together 200-250 participants sessions and exhibits exemplifying the conference’s theme, “Synchronize the DoD Efforts to Protect the Network.” This is an excellent opportunity for leading cyber security companies to broaden their visibility within the Cyber Command and NSA.

While the Conference is classified and open to government attendees only, the unclassified exhibit area will be open to all attendees.

“We’re very much looking forward to being a part of Cyber Command’s inaugural conference and exposition,” said Jay Sunny Bajaj, Digital Management’s President and CEO. “This event is a perfect way for us to help build awareness of the advantages of the hardware-based security that is foundational to Trusted Computing. These technologies are destined to become the bedrock of a new, dramatically more secure IT infrastructure.”


About Digital Management:

Digital Management is a leading IT solutions and business strategy consulting firm focused on providing solutions that transform enterprise operations in government and business by dependably bridging the gap between business strategy and mission success. Leveraging technology as an efficient, economical means to an end, Digital Management crafts solutions that result in increasingly interoperable, responsive, and cost-effective enterprises. Digital Management’s Cybersecurity Division delivers strategic solutions that dramatically heighten situational awareness, while leveraging the latest technologies and techniques to raise overall cybersecurity posture. As an active member of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), Digital Management is at the heart of an industry transformation in cybersecurity solutions based on cutting edge Trusted Computing technologies. Digital Management is an SBA-certified small business, headquartered in Bethesda MD, with satellite and project offices throughout the country.


Andrew J. Musliner