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Game-changing digital technologies are being introduced every day, and those who don’t act quickly will fall behind. At DMI, we help you get up and running faster by leveraging pre-built platforms and tools for implementing many of our digital solutions. Some consultants and agencies may tell you your solution can be implemented quickly, while at DMI, we know we can deliver because we’ve done it before—and we have the platforms and tools ready and waiting.

We Create Solutions

DMI platforms and tools are code-bases that provide a starting point for our solutions. As a technology company, our proprietary digital solutions help reduce your development cost and implementation risk.

DMI Inspection – Modernize Inspection

  • Mobile-first
  • Cloud-based
  • Analytics enabled

DMI EndZone – Situational Management

  • Manage risk
  • Scalable, on cloud, or on premise
  • Dynamic geo-fencing

DMI APIX Framework – Proprietary Agile Measurement

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