Device Lifecycle Services

Supporting Your Devices From Beginning To End
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7,000 Devices Deployed per Day
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DMI performs staging and kitting services on a global scale. We consolidate, configure, stage and kit IT–as well as a wide range of end user and mobile devices. We house spare devices for our clients and perform device repairs (as well as emergency replacements) to ensure our clients achieve the maximum uptime. DMI’s full lifecycle services include: Device Deployment, Refresh, Warranty Management, Repair, Resell & Disposal. Our services extend beyond iOS and Android to include Chrome OS, Windows, and IoT devices.





DMI provides a completely connected device lifecycle program with full process transparency and leveraging our global facilities, we can scale up or down with ease. We provide ongoing enhancements, cost savings, and efficiencies, through ROI analysis. asset management. and embedded service innovations. If you need better reliability and flexibility, we can work with what you have and develop the right solution to drive efficiency and performance throughout your organization.