DMI Mobile Ticketing

A simpler, more flexible ticketing platform

DMI Mobile Ticketing is a complete ticketing solution, including a backend system, customized mobile app and managed services. For companies who aren’t satisfied with their current ticketing provider or don’t have a ticketing system in place, Mobile Ticketing allows them to get in the game quicker, customize their platform, increase average revenue per user via mobile distribution and take advantage of lower service fees.

What’s possible with Mobile Ticketing?


A group of friends is in NYC for a last-minute weekend trip. They’re interested in going to see some shows—maybe some stand-up comedy or theater. While at a cafe in the West Village, one of the friends pulls out her phone and does a search for “tickets to NYC shows.” She comes across an app that sells tickets to all types of entertainment in NYC, and then downloads it to her phone.

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Once in the app, the woman sees options for filtering entertainment by date and category, including concerts, sports, comedy, music, adventure, arts & theater and family. She browses comedy tickets, and the friends decide to see a stand-up show that night. During the checkout process, the woman checks a box to save her payment info. After purchasing tickets, the app prompts the user to let her social networks know she’s going to the show. The auto-generated post includes a link for friends to purchase their own tickets. Before closing the app, a window pops up asking what other types of entertainment she would be interested in. She checks “music” and “theater.”


Upon arrival at the comedy show, the venue scans the group’s mobile tickets—no printing required. The comedy show is a success, and the friends leave happy. The next morning, they receive a push notification from the ticketing app, letting them know tickets are still available for that night’s performance of a popular Broadway show. Since the friends were hoping to catch a play, they’re happy to snatch up the theater tickets. Plus, they’re able to purchase tickets in just two clicks using the stored payment info.

Solution Components

Customizable Platform

Both frontend and backend can be customized and branded, a big value-add compared to larger ticketing providers.

User Profiles

App users can create personal accounts where they can store preferred payment information for easy checkout.

personalized recommendations

Collect valuable customer data that helps create relevant suggestions for other events users may be interested in.

location-based discounts

Target customers with personalized offers based on geolocation.

filtering options

Allow users to sort inventory based on their personal

social network integration

Increase your awareness and reach by allowing users to share info about recently purchased tickets and invite others to get in on events.

inventory tracker

Get detailed reports based on up-to-date inventory.

dynamic pricing

Update pricing based on supply and demand.

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