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The DMI Mobile Productivity platform is a complete suite of solutions that allows businesses to quickly launch customizable applications with robust backend integration and enterprise-grade security. There’s no need to start from scratch—our platform gives you access to key features like documents, forms, tasks and events. And it’s all fully customizable, so you can tailor your productivity app to meet your specific business needs.

What can Mobile Productivity do for your business?


A manufacturer with distribution across hundreds of different retail stores has its employees going from store to store taking inventory. The employees are still writing in-store product data down on paper, and the company is looking for a more efficient way to capture the information.


A tablet app with a simple user interface allows the field team to quickly and easily collect store data. The mobile app not only saves time on the front line, it also automatically updates corporate backend systems in real time. The app helps employees keep track of past and future store visits, provides driving directions to stores and tracks action items.


Now, instead of spending significant time manually entering information, the data entry step is essentially eliminated, boosting productivity among employees. By standardizing data, the app also helps streamline collection and analysis on the backend.

Solution Components


Define "role-based" events based on users' key tasks and populate with data from external systems.


Turn workflows into an in-app form. Create, publish and manage forms via BackOffice


Access content from one or more document providers. Preview, edit, upload, and share files to cloud provider.


Display products or services (images and details). Create, publish, and manage products via BackOffice


Manage tasks by date, priority, status and customer. Events are flagged to alert user of open tasks.

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