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Our integrated business portal enhances the delivery of personalized, actionable insights that lead to greater effectiveness and better business decisions. The platform can be used with multiple business intelligence tools to provide a single point of access that lets users navigate, analyze and share data. It’s easy to create or modify the insights, as well as publish educational or marketing content in an integrated manner. The portal improves productivity by combining reports, analysis tools, task lists, reminders, action alerts and links to relevant internal and external web content.

How can DMI Insights Portal promote efficiency?


A salesperson is about to visit one of her customers, a manufacturer. She wants to see the latest information about the customer’s production, including sales volume, recent orders and any returns, as the customer has had complaints about quality recently. In a traditional business intelligence implementation, the salesperson would launch her BI application and navigate through various reports to get the information.


When the salesperson arrives, she uses DMI Insights Portal to pull up recent production and sales data as well as the insights gleaned from the system’s analytical models. Using this information, the salesperson can demonstrate quality improvements over time, proving to the client that returns have steadily declined over the past three months.


Having convinced the client of the product’s quality improvements, the salesperson uses analytics to demonstrate the customer’s volume usage. Armed with simply visualized data, she demonstrates that if the customer moved up to a higher commitment level by converting all plants within her region, she could receive additional price discounts and drive down production costs across the entire region.

Solution Components

Advanced Reporting

Data converted into insights, forecasts, trends and alerts.

Data Visualization

Bring information to life through various data visualization tools, like graphs and charts.

Flexible Dashboards

Build custom dashboards for viewing insights gleaned through data processing.

Robust Security

Store your data securely without compromising ease of access.

Responsive web design

Integrated with Liferay, Drupal, SharePoint, SAP BusinessObjects and IBM Websphere.

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