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managing your mobile environment

DMI’s Mobile Control Center (MCC) offers a multi-platform solution for superior integrated monitoring, management, reporting and analytics. Through multiple integration points, DMI extracts data from various backend systems to provide a unified view at all times. This includes the client’s chosen MDM platform, expense management platform, ticketing systems (such as ServiceNow), HR systems and other external resources, as required. The MCC provides visibility into all mobile services and information and functions as a self-service portal for end-users, as well as IT administrators.

What can the Mobile Control Center do for you?

the scenario

An Information Technology VP is feeling overwhelmed. She’s confronted with the challenges of protecting her company’s confidential data, managing a broad array of devices and operating systems, addressing the service needs of users and managing implementation costs. And she feels like she’s constantly scrambling to stay ahead of the onslaught of BYOD and corporate-liable devices.


To help solve these challenges, the VP uses DMI’s Mobile Control Center to create a unified view of data. The MCC does this by extracting data from a variety of backend systems, including multiple MDM systems and expense management platforms, as well as ticketing and asset tracking systems.

By implementing the MCC, her team is able to search and view device information, access support ticket information, monitor system performance, view integrated dashboards and reports as well as measure performance against SLAs.


By including federated user authentication, her team can now identify and authenticate a user once, and then use that identity information across multiple systems. Not only is this more efficient for her team, but it also results in improved security for her organization.

The Mobile Control Center offers BYOD users a powerful self-service portal to manage their mobile experiences via either their computers or mobile devices. The portal enables users to manage their devices, view help desk ticket information, run reports and access the knowledge base.

Now, whether her team needs to enroll a device, change accessories or wireless plans, access device information, locate a device or view apps installed on a device, team members can use the MCC as the single pane of glass regarding mobility in the organization.

Solution Components

Reporting and Analytics

Dashboards and reports show the performance of services against SLAs and perform key administrative tasks like solution management and tracking.

Knowledge Base/FAQs

A repository of documents and frequently asked questions.for easy checkout.

Ticketing System

Search, view and access support ticket information.

Service Desk

Device support, device logistics, assets management and SLA management.

Mobile Operations Center

Device & policy management, content management, hosting and app management and certification.

Order Management

Request and track procurement orders for devices, accessories and wireless carrier plans.

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