What We Do


Make People Happy to Visit Your Service Desk

Your service desk should not be a fountain of frustration. With a savvy plan and a skilled partner, you can leverage automation that sends easy tasks to bots and lets your service desk professionals tackle problems that require a human brain. Making it all flow seamlessly, however, requires an abundance of insight. DMI starts with a comprehensive consultation that weighs all of your business challenges and skills gaps. We draw up an expansive action plan to walk you through every phase of implementing your Intelligent Service Desk.


Do What it Takes to Build an Intelligent Service Desk

Bots, messaging channels and analytics dashboards are just a few of the moving parts you have to orchestrate in an Intelligent Service Desk. Systems must be tested and validated. Service reps need training and tips to encourage adoption. DMI has implemented a wide range of Intelligent Service Desk solutions, which gives us the experience and knowledge you need to create customer experiences that generate delight instead of regret. Our consultants guide our clients through every phase of the upgrade to avoid surprises and keep users coming back.


Let Data and Automation Launch Your Service Desk into the Future

Ready for next-generation technologies on your service desk? If so, you have a beguiling array of choices. Robotic process automation can eliminate repetitive tasks that bog down your support staff. Advanced analytics and machine learning help you build models that anticipate user demand. That reduces guesswork when scheduling and allocating resources. DMI’s deep experience with intelligent automation and user-centered design ensures you have the best guidance when adding the most advanced computing functions.