What We Do


Get Moving on Adding Devices in Droves

When it’s time to deploy thousands of new mobile devices, you need help ASAP. Some organizations, by contrast, just need help with the massive complications of configuring, kitting and retiring their mobile devices. Either way, we’ve got you covered. DMI developed our premium Staging, Kitting and Lifecycle Services to manage your flow of devices to and from users. If you’re just getting started, we enroll you in a Custom Client Portal that keeps your users equipped with the mobile devices they need.


Tap Into the Power of Advanced Analytics

When your Staging, Kitting and Lifecycle Services are running at full steam and peak efficiency, it’s time to start diving deep into data science and analytics. DMI’s experts can help you discover business insights hidden in your user data. And we can add services like robotic process automation to eliminate repetitive chores. These services put hours back into the days of your device managers, giving them more time to focus on strategic initiatives. Thus, paying close attention to your mobile device fleet can improve business outcomes.


Jump into the Future of Intelligent Device Management

DMI’s analysts can sift your data to reveal subtle trends in user behavior. A study of service requests, for instance, can target gaps in your user experience or bad habits that produce losses and damage. We can monitor factors like battery life, storage, security and app usage to learn more about the lifecycles of your mobile devices. Machine learning and data science can help us develop models suggesting how long your devices will last and when they need to be replaced. Building these capabilities keeps you ahead of the curve.