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DMI brings its deep Commerce Integration, CX and App Development experience, know-how and success to clients with LivePerson’s conversational platform. DMI has had a long history and reputation for solving even the most complex integrations and delivering top-of-the-line digital commerce solutions to large and mid-market enterprise clients. Now with LivePerson, DMI integrates conversational design with consumer messaging apps, back-end enterprise systems, and AI to enable more meaningful connections between brands and consumers.



An effective conversational commerce strategy must align with your business needs, provide an engaging customer experience, leverage data intelligently, and integrate seamlessly into your overall IT ecosystem. DMI and LivePerson have extensive consumer interaction data across various industries along with a team of AI and machine learning experts who will analyze a brand’s existing conversation transcripts to help determine the best chatbot use cases and integration into the overall customer experience.

Chatbot Development

With advanced natural language processing capabilities, we work to build and optimize chatbots with the ability to customize pre-built templates or to create brand new chatbots from scratch. Our intuitive and user-friendly platform makes everything from configuring intents to dialogue flows and integration into back office systems seamless.

Implementation of Messaging Channels

With our, "write once, run many" bot deployment framework we can build one bot and run it across multiple messaging endpoints through Apple Business Chat, Google RCS Business Messaging, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE as well in-app messaging, SMS, web messaging, and voice assistants.

Managed Services & Ongoing Support

We handle all hosting, monitoring, routing, and management processes to deploy and optimize enterprise chat and messaging programs.

CX & Conversational Design

We have a dedicated conversational design team that works with brands to develop chatbot conversations. Looking at current customer intents, a brand’s voice, and the ways customers interact, our conversational design team works to craft excellent customer journeys, enabled by AI.

Integration with Commerce and Enterprise Systems

LivePerson’s platform is open and customizable, with a comprehensive ecosystem of APIs and SDKs, allowing for easy integration with:

  • CRM and any web-based application
  • Third party apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Google RCS Business Messaging, Line, Google AdLingo and more
  • Real-time call center data and other databases
  • Dashboards, reports, and workflow management systems

Optimization & Automation

We use data, AI, and human augmentation to build and deploy effective conversational interfaces with a toolset to continuously monitor, intervene on, and improve them over time.

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