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We turn data into actionable insights.

DMI specializes in the business of big data. Our methodology begins by first understanding your business goals and then pairing your vision with our end-to-end capabilities and best practices, providing expertise from the foundation and architecture to the predictive insights and visualizations. We help our clients scope and build out their big data environments in order to tap new revenue streams, improve customer loyalty and generally make better business decisions.

To get the most out of your data, you need a solid plan.


A good business strategy gives an organization a long-term plan of action and creates a competitive advantage. Our expertise in big data and analytics strategy helps businesses leverage core competencies to drive sustainable growth and profitability.

  • Analytics organizational readiness assessment
  • Big data technology assessment
  • User experience & actions workshop
  • Data governance plan
  • Analytics & visualization strategy
  • User adoption & training strategy

When you have lots of data, taming it is key.


When dealing with lots of data, it's important to start with a strong, solid foundation, while keeping the overall and end vision in mind. DMI specializes in accessing, protecting and enhancing the value of companies' data. The data sources we manage include internal data (transactions, pricing, customer), mobile devices, the web, social media and a growing list of automated sensory technologies. Our experts assess data management needs, and then deploy people and process to effectively initiate data migration, quality and governance programs.

  • Enterprise information management
  • Big data cloud
  • Data integration & data quality
  • Master data management
  • Data governance
  • Data migration

It's what you do with your data that counts.


We drive performance by providing decision makers with actionable insights based on their unique business objectives. By scoping and building descriptive and predictive models, we help our clients anticipate future trends, identify untapped opportunities and recognize potential risks. With years of experience across multiple industry verticals, our teams of analytical architects, solution leads and statisticians deliver compelling, data-driven insights that deliver measurable value.

  • Discovery analytics as a service
  • Data mining & actionable insights
  • In-memory analytics
  • Predictive analytics & statistical modeling


Effective business intelligence and visualization platforms play a critical role in getting meaningful and actionable information into the hands of business users. Our user experience and visualization experts specialize in transforming complexity into a consumer-grade, user-friendly and intuitive BI solution that leads to increased user adoption, ROI and productivity.

  • User experience & design
  • Visualization dashboards
  • Mobile-enabled BI portal
  • Self-service Analytics & mobile BI
  • Operational reports

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