Why MACH? Because Customers Come First.

Published On: December 4th, 20203 min read

The MACH Alliance was launched in June 2020 and is rooted in the common belief that the interoperability and open architecture of modern software will propel current and future digital experiences. Technology is evolving, and with it come new ways to think about and do business.

The MACH Alliance aims to guide and show how businesses can benefit from open tech ecosystems that are:

  • Microservices-based
  • API-first
  • Cloud-native SaaS
  • Headless

The MACH Alliance is a group of independent tech companies that advocate for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems, demonstrating software commitment to the MACH model. One of the goals of the MACH Alliance is “to help companies take advantage of the most innovative and flexible enterprise technologies available and to break the release cycle,” according to the MACH Alliance site.

Why Did DMI Join the MACH Alliance?

The MACH Alliance gives a strong voice to the ideas of composable commerce and flexible technology architecture. As proponents of a best-in-breed solution for our customers, DMI wanted to join an organization that shares our approach and amplifies our experience in successfully executing customized e-commerce planning and delivery.

Customers want more flexibility and agility when it comes to delivering and managing technology solutions. By achieving the valuable MACH Certified approval, DMI can assure its customers that we have the proven and relevant expertise to lead them down this path.

“We build partnerships with companies that share that approach and share our belief in its future. And it’s just the right way to deliver solutions to our customers,” said Spence McNeill, DMI Alliances Director.

Meeting Customer Expectations

With single-vendor technology platforms, organizations run the risk of locking themselves into a set of limited capabilities that are pending upgrades in a next release. However, customer expectations are disrupting every market at MACH speed. Acting slowly no longer seems a viable option. DMI believes membership in the MACH Alliance is a “rising tide raises all boats” concept.

The MACH Alliance offers a community with shared values, which allows DMI to continue to evolve in this type of architecture and type of approach. The Alliance also assigns the seal of approval that gives DMI’s customers and prospects reassurance, McNeill said.

In addition, being a member of the Alliance connects DMI to providers of leading commerce related technologies. Together with these partners, DMI can develop best of breed solutions for our clients, resulting in optimized responsiveness to their customer needs,” said Marc Irish, DMI President, Digital Commerce Solutions

Flexibility Allows for Progress

“The MACH Alliance validates our view of where technology is going; this allows us align and work with other companies that have a similar joint vision,” Irish said.

One other important thing about the MACH architecture is that it provides true flexibility, said Matias Páez Molina, CEO of devgurus – A DMI Commerce Group company. “Technology is always progressing, and every day we have new things. With this architecture, we are able to provide best in breed solutions and the customer is able to pick whatever new thing is out there or head into different channels that are being created every day. It is a true, flexible experience that lasts.”

Business changes, technology changes, and you end up needing to change the whole platform almost every once in a while, said Matias. With the MACH Alliance, DMI is able to align flexibility with the changes, achieving progress at every investment.