Our experience at DMI has shown that Pharma and Life Sciences companies in the middle of a digital transformation wrestle with a key question: how to transform the right way.

Whether it’s the challenge of finding the right talent to build out digital products, the challenge of settling on the right approach to cybersecurity, or the challenge of leveraging data locked off in company silos – these pain points, along with others, are shared by many in the sector.

In Treating the Pain Points of Digital Transformation in Pharma, we discuss eight common struggles that Pharma and Life Sciences companies face, while also offering practical, workable insights and recommendations.

Here’s an overview of the pain points we discuss in this resource:

  1. How to integrate agile development with waterfall to improve the drug development process.
  2. How to build and leverage ecosystems to bridge the talent gap.
  3. The importance of leveraging expertise early in project planning in order to improve forecasts for completing regulatory approval processes.
  4. Why elevating the function of cybersecurity within your organization is critical for developing a long-term, proactive strategy to secure information.
  5. How to become more strategic about the use of market standard technology platforms for process and workflow automation.
  6. The wisdom of making small improvements to how you collect and monitor data – and then iterate from lessons learned.
  7. The importance of prioritising unified, digitally-enabled experiences.
  8. How to strategize around the concept of long-term interoperability between new initiatives and legacy systems.